Heavy Metal and Rock music radio

Heavy Metal and Rock music radio

Internet radio made specifically for metalheads, punks, bikers. The design is decorated in the style of heavy metal. The radio includes a variety of genres such as:
  • Metal, Heavy Metal, Hair Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal
  • Gothic Metal, Industrial, Ebm
  • Rock, Rockabilly (Rock n Roll), SKA, Punk, Indie Rock
  • Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Country and Bluegrass
    • Rave, Acid House, HardCore, HardStyle radio   Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat radio   Techno, Minimal, EBM, Industrial, Dark Electro   Ambient, New Age, Lounge, Relax, Glitch

Attention !!!
If your music stops then try to switch Turbo player to Bass player in settings. In the application is made 2 different media-player if one works badly then you can switch to another. How to switch media player: https://youtu.be/_BOnArQA5SY

In the program settings you can change the font, background picture, font color to your liking. If you click on the name of the song, it opens a browser window to download this track.

To add your favorite station you can send a link to the address: krakout2@gmail.com

Download Heavy Metal and Rock music radio on Google Play Market:


Download apk version 14.09